A Notion of You


An incomplete notion of you,
To nurture and to retain;
Think it’s better this way,
For fear of a collapse. Continue reading


Treacherous November


Condensation makes me guilty these days.

Inadvertently, a certain calmness wraps you up on certain evenings, even if you’re aware of the crowd about you all astir.

It becomes a sin to not let go of the present, as you’re dragged down a tunnel of recaps.

They say, all your significant moments flash before your eyes before dying.

Well, these days kill me then as I gladly surrender myself to a life of firsts and lasts.

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Late Night Ramblings #14


The overcast was doing a pretty good job at camouflaging. Her besetting sin of taming down all things inconvenient hardly stood a chance against the Greater Wrath above, as it emitted yet another low rumble. In any case, the riled up horizons were the least of her worries at present.

Beaten, she chose to pester that reliable old trunk and timidly rested a shoulder against it. Continue reading



I roll over.

The screen was still aglow as I let that device slip from my bony fingers.

That dress, he had said. On my skin, my brain had protested, exasperatedly.

Your colours or mine? Continue reading

The Intruder


Summer came, bringing him with it.

While my present soaked up more of his smoky presence, there was a gentle reminder wafting through the balmy air: a reminder of the prices to be paid.

Silly, silly girl.

How do I know he’ll stay? Summer ties are just so brittle – a touch of the blue reality and the veneer slips off, and my belief in miracles with it.

This time, this one time, there’s to be a call for better mercies.



Subliminal Travesty

  1. Beehive

She loved it. She truly did.

Weaving those flimsy, clumsy trails of thoughts into cohesive blobs, and the ensuing muted glory in the form of a minute blue thumbs up – the instant gratification that followed was like candy to a child. Amused, she sometimes found herself wondering if this truly did have a saturation point.

Just like so many other things, however, she ought to have known better.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when, but at some point, the aura of it all – the sugar rush – started receding. While the “Likes” followed every status, every note, profusely, unease began to descend upon the once so coveted euphoria as she began to realize most of them didn’t actually care and understand, or worse, didn’t bother to do so. She could almost see them staring with glossy eyes, hitting this and that and scrolling on to the next with minimal comprehension. The turmoil inside her has barely reached out to them. The superficiality of it all quite successfully spurred on the gradual corrosion of self gratification online.

And so, it was then that she put a stopper on it. Continue reading

My Dhaka, Part 2: Beauty Boarding & Northbrook Hall


Updating the blog after a long time with the second installment. The photos were taken back in October of last year.

Before that, just a somewhat background for this post which I have already stated in Part 1: I do not intend to give a history lecture here, rather I’ll just post on some of the more aesthetic attributes of the place and a short note explaining its significance. The pictures were courtesy of my mobile photos for Instagram, you see.For those looking to delve further, links to additional info will be provided below.

Beauty Boarding

Beauty Boarding has more cultural significance rather than historical, being the adda (chitchat) hub for penners and painters alike, also serving as the temporary abode for the likes of celebrated magician Mr Jewel Aich. It has been graced by the frequent visits of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, acclaimed poets Nirmalendu Goon and Shamsur Rahman, among Continue reading

On Choice: A Maybe-Not-So Economic Take


If you’re to label anything as the ABC of Economics, one of the things that will invariably pop up will be the concept of opportunity cost. So what is an opportunity cost, you ask? First, you need to understand choice in its economic sense of the term: a decision taken by an economic agent regarding the distribution of their scarce resources when attempting to satisfy their unlimited wants. Opportunity cost, then, is the next best alternative forgone because of a particular choice.

So that is opportunity cost, the bane and boon of every single Economics graduate out there, who is henceforth prevented eternally from the surreal joys of spontaneity. I personally nowadays find myself choosing a bus trip or a walk over a rickshaw ride, thinking like a hundred times before having a proper conversation with someone, etc quite uncharacteristically so. Continue reading

“On Immobility and Poverty in Divided Bengal” by Prof Joya Chatterji


Yesterday I attended a talk on the above mentioned topic, delivered by none other than Professor Joya Chatterji, presently a Fellow of Trinity College, University of Cambridge. She’s most widely known for her works on the 1947 Partition and the Division of Bengal, amid her other fields of interest.

The topic in question covered the period of 1947-2008 and began with a paper presentation of her upcoming book. She began by elaborating the concept of “Immobility”, the trend of staying back despite having every reason to leave, including life threatening situations. She suggested it to be as the opposite of migration, and pointed out how, although the latter has been bestowed with a vast amount of literature, the causes and effects of immobility still remain neglected in the academia. Continue reading

KolpoKoushol Summer 2015 Workshop: Day 3


Day 3 took off with a 30-min Q&A session where we were given the liberty to ask any questions regarding grad school applications to the three instructors. They answered questions on portfolio building, MIT Media Lab applications, weight of work experiences etc.

Afterwards? Enter “Augmented Reality” – which consists of turning any physical surface into a live feed with interactive features. In the beginning there was this live demonstration on the board using a projector (which we got to test too), followed by real world applications already in exitennce, such as the Layar browser and SixthSense by Pranav Mistry. Continue reading

Discovering, and Falling in Love with, Tagore


Had started reading “Chokher Bali” (চোখের বালি; literally translated to “sand in the eye”, figuratively to “constant irritant”) on the train to Calcutta, only to have finished last night. Continue reading

Late Night Ramblings #15


Here I am making vacations out of people,

Knowing they can never crumble the standards you set nearly a decade back.

Here I am making vacations out of people, Continue reading

কথোপকথন #১


আপনি যদি সমবয়সী আশেপাশের কাওকে এখন জিজ্ঞেস করেন, সে জীবনে কি চায়, অধিকাংশ মানুষই জবাব দিবে, যে সে সুখী থাকতে চায়। কেননা, কিসে তার সুখ নিহিত তার জবাব খুব কম মানুষই জানে। সুখ তখন আর ডাক্তার কিংবা ইঞ্জিনিয়ার হবার মতো সোজা পথের শেষে যে দেখা দিবে না, তা সে ততদিনে উপলব্ধি করে ফেলে।

সুখী থাকা যায়ে না। সুখী থাকতে শিখে নিতে হয়। Continue reading

The Penner’s Penance


I just realized how much I’ve been writing here, be that fact or fiction.

Partly, it’s a great way to bring closure to an emotion, a thought, or even a restless day.

It has always been so vital for me to come full circle and not let half-baked things eat me up, although I do struggle to maintain that. Continue reading